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Little kids are often left out of the world of printables. Usually it’s for good reason - they’re just not ready to do formal work. But this free editable name picture worksheet practice printable is perfect for younger kids or for offering a more “fun” activity to older ones.

By combining colouring and name tracing, you can help your child develop the fine motor skills they need to move onto writing. You’ll also be working on name recognition and writing which is one of the most important early skills for preschoolers to learn.

Free Editable Name Picture Worksheet Practice Printable

This awesome generator lets you create custom printables with a picture and your child’s name. It would be impossible to create a unique worksheet for every name (especially with all the unique spellings out there) and finding one with your own child’s name can be tough.

That’s where this completely free printable generator comes in - you can enter your child’s name, customize the fonts, choose a picture, and print it out instantly!

Choose From Different Pictures

When you enter a name into the free picture worksheet generator you’ll get a selection of images to choose from. They’re generated based on the first letter of the word or name you entered.

That means that if you’re practicing with “Sally” you can choose from some different pictures like a sun or a bubble letter S. There are also a variety of seasonal pictures which makes this a fun activity to do around Halloween or Christmas.

Another thing I love about this generator is that you can also choose that beginning letter in sign language. 

There are 15 different pictures total for each letter. Some are similar to each other but there is a unique picture for each letter of the alphabet. Great for early phonics practice!

Name Practice and Colouring Page All in One

This is a perfect activity for your early learners or if you want to do a “fun” activity. Use the generator to create a picture for your child to colour. 

You can include their name underneath just to help expose them to their name or have them trace the letters before creating their masterpiece. Since you can choose different fonts this is also a fun way to introduce cursive name writing to kids. 

A Toddler-Friendly Printable

While I don’t promote worksheets for younger kids, toddlers do love to scribble and colour. Even if they’re too young to read or understand their name the more exposures they get the more likely they are to learn.

If you have a preschool or daycare this picture worksheet is also great because you’ll be able to tell what picture belongs to who without having to write everyone’s name.

Finally, I love having educational colouring pages like this on hand when there’s kids of multiple ages in the house. Older toddlers and preschoolers often want to get in on the “action” of schooling before they’re ready for formal work - this is a fun way to get them involved during homeschool or homework time!

Different Activities You Can Do With This Free Picture Worksheet Printable

This worksheet is so much more than just a colouring page. One of my favourite ways to use it is to take advantage of the large bubble letter picture option and use this for letter recognition.

Some fun things to do with that giant letter:

  • Fill it in with play dough. If you have a laminator you could even make it into a reusable play dough mat.
  • Have kids cover it with stickers. Try and keep the stickers in the lines. Not only is this great for letter recognition, stickers are awesome for developing fine motor skills.
  • Bring out the paints and decorate the letter. Older kids can try and paint different patterns or pictures inside the letter. 
  • Colour or decorate the letter then cut it out to hang up. Do it with the whole alphabet so you have an educational display you created together.
  • For older kids, draw pictures of things inside of it that start with that letter. See how many different things they can fit inside!
  • Work on the sign language alphabet. Start with colouring the image then have kids practice the sign.

Fine Motor Skills Develop in Multiple Ways

A lot of parents turn to printable worksheets for writing practice without even realizing the fine motor skills they’re also building in their kids. 

If you offer this worksheet to a preschooler and they’re not interested in writing their name at first your lesson isn’t a total waste. Even just colouring the larger image helps fine motor skill practice. 

If kids are reluctant to do the writing try offering them increasingly difficult pictures to colour. But do keep including their name at the bottom - one day they just might surprise you and want to write!

Young Kids Should Learn to Recognize Their Name

Regardless of your educational plans it’s important for preschoolers to learn their name. That means being able to read it at first. Later, they’ll learn to write it too.

If you send your kids to preschool or daycare, or if they’re starting kindergarten soon, it’s even more important that they can identify their name. It will be on their cubbies and labelled on belongings. 

By slipping name writing practice into colouring sheets and simple worksheets you’re taking the steps to teach this important skill. 

More Name Picture Worksheet Practice Printable Tips

If you’re just starting to use printables for kindergarten readiness or in your homeschool you should start with something simple. For that reason, this name picture worksheet practice is a great first printable for younger kids.

When teaching young kids remember not to push too hard. It’s OK if they’re not interested in the writing part and just want to colour. 

Make sure when you sit down to do worksheets kids are at their best. That means fed, well rested, and excited to learn. There’s no reason to fight over work with preschool or kindergarten aged kids. 

Most importantly, though, this is your chance to make learning fun right from the start. Stay enthusiastic and sit down with the child while they complete their work. They’ll be happy to spend time with you and you’ll be happy they’re learning!

Name & Picture Practice - Original Preview