1-100 Number Tracing Practice Worksheet

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Print out this pack of 11 worksheets for the numbers 1-100 in whichever font and color you need.

This is great to use when working on numbers in their 10's or simply for formation practice with a font that has guides.

There is also a 1-100 page to trace all the numbers from 1-100.

Once your preschooler or kindergarten aged child moves past writing numbers from 1-10 it’s usually a good time to move onto something more advanced. The next step is usually 10-20, and after that you’re ready to use a 1-100 number tracing practice worksheet.

1-100 number tracing worksheet

Why Use a 1-100 Number Tracing Practice Worksheet?

Number tracing worksheets are a staple for home learning or in the preschool and kindergarten classroom. They help young children refine their fine motor skills while at the same time working on number recognition. 

Free printable worksheets like our number tracing practice worksheet are also great for kids to learn proper number formation as they trace each number multiple times. 

A number worksheet can also help kids identify any missing numbers in their counting. This is a common problem with young kids, even into kindergarten; they sometimes skip numbers or mix them up.

How to Use 1-100 Number Tracing Worksheets With Kids

Use the Right Font

The style of worksheet you use is really important. If kids are still practicing number formation, it’s good to have the guides on the numbers so they’re printing correctly. All of our printable worksheets have customizable fonts and colors.

A thicker “bubble” font is good for filling in, which is great when working on number recognition. Young kids can “color” the letters rather than writing them.

Once kids know how to write their numbers the lines can be distracting, so that’s a good time to take them off and just use normal dotted numbers. 

Finally, if you’re just working on number recognition you may just want to use the solid line font in this printable.

Preschool Number Formation

With the younger kids, start with 0-10. This is the most challenging stage for young children since they’re learning the foundation.

After that, add in 10-20. Counting in the teens is usually difficult for young kids, but tracing the numbers one at a time on a worksheet can help them get mixed up less.

Kindergarten Number Tracing Worksheets

Once your child has mastered the basics, the next thing you should do is have them work on  recognizing numbers up to 100. This can be really overwhelming for a little kid, so have them count by tens first and slowly introduce the middle numbers later.

Number Recognition Practice

Having kids trace printable worksheets is just one tool to help young kids learn numbers. While tracing is great for fine motor skills and number formation, not all kids enjoy worksheets. 

Using Stickers or a Bingo Dabber

Have kids put a sticker or dab with a bingo dabber on the numbers as they read them. If your child doesn’t know the number, read it to them and have them repeat it. Since the numbers repeat several times on each sheet you can get a lot of practice in! 

Kids who know most of their numbers can practice using the last page only.

“What Number is Missing”

Secretly cover up one number on the worksheet with a small piece of paper or object. Have your child try and figure out what number is missing. If they’re struggling, try counting with them at first to help them find the answer.

For example, if you cover up 15 and they can’t figure it out, try starting at 10 and counting up with them while putting your finger on each number. 

This is great to do with numbers kids often forget or find tricky. 

Keep Practicing!

Free printable worksheets and number tracing worksheets are a great way to help kids recognize and write their numbers from 0-100. Typically, writing and recognizing the numbers is the trickiest part for young kids, which is why it’s a good idea to get as much number writing practice in as you can.

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