Cursive Name Tracing Worksheet

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Practice writing in cursive with the D`Nealian font with simple doodle borders.

Cursive writing is an old-school skill that kids should learn, but whether they’re taught it varies depending on where you live. Whether you want to do some cursive handwriting practice for school or teach it at home, this free customizable cursive name tracing worksheet can really help.

You can even change the font, color, and border!

Free Cursive Name Tracing Worksheet

Most kids love learning to write their names, which is great because it’s also one of the most important things they need to learn early on. And what better first full word to practice in cursive? 

Tips for Cursive Writing Practice:

  • Break it up. Begin with just their first name, then work on the last name, and finally both together.

  • Limit repetitions. When you first introduce cursive letters, limit the number of repetitions on each sheet. It might seem better to practise more, but it can be overwhelming or tiring for kids. The printable can be customized to have 1 to 10 repetitions on each sheet.

  • Try other words. Once your child has mastered their own name you can generate practice worksheets for other names (like those of family members) or simple words. It’s a great way to master connecting different letters in cursive!

  • Make it fun. Let the child pick some words to practice and select their favorite border. You can also practice writing with a variety of utensils like colored pencils, crayons, and markers.

What Font to Use For Cursive Writing Worksheets?

We use the D’Nealian font as our default for cursive because it has well formed, easy to read handwriting letters.

If kids are still new to handwriting, it can be helpful to choose the font with arrow guides so they form cursive letters correctly. Once the basics are down, the dotted version of the font works well.

Another fun idea is to practice hand lettering with this free cursive name tracing worksheet. Use the dotted or solid font and a thick marker to practice hand lettering techniques. 

Keep Practicing Cursive Writing

The more kids practice writing in cursive the more they develop muscle memory and it becomes second nature! 

Cursive Name Tracing Worksheet Preview

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