Name Tracing & Writing Practice Booklet

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Simply enter your child's name in the field below the printable (on the left) and then download this cute booklet! Cut the pages in half on the dotted line and staple all the pages together from the left to create the booklet.

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If you’re teaching kids how to write and recognize their names it’s always good to introduce it in a variety of ways. This name tracing & writing practice booklet has it all; tracing, coloring, letter sounds, letter writing, reading, and more. 

The best part is that it’s customizable which means you’ll be able to generate a custom booklet for any child’s name. Even unique ones or alternative spellings!

It’s perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are new to practicing reading and writing their name, as well as kindergarten classrooms or homeschool lessons. 

Name Tracing & Writing Practice Booklet

Booklets with a variety of activities in them can really help give context to the information kids are getting. If all kids do is trace the letters of their name, for example, they might struggle to write it independently. 

It’s also important that kids learn to read and recognize their name, especially if they are attending daycare, preschool, or kindergarten. 

Why Name Writing and Reading Practice is Important

  • Their name will be labeled on everything when they go to school
  • Children feel important when they can recognize and write their names
  • Knowing their names and those of their peers builds community
  • School-aged children will need to print their name on assignments

How to Use a Name Tracing Booklet to Practice Name Writing

When you’re first starting out, introduce things slowly. Toddlers and younger preschoolers can practice recognizing their name (and the letters in it) with the coloring page. As their hand-eye coordination improves you can move onto name tracing and eventually independent writing.

You’ll know kids are ready to start practicing printing their name when they are able to hold a pencil correctly and recreate simple shapes like Xs and squares. 

Another idea is to print out the full booklet and have kids complete one page at a time throughout the school year. 

Kids will love the variety in the booklet, and this free printable is a great way to gauge where kids are at developmentally too!